Monday, November 19, 2007

Milestone seminar with Wilko

This weekend’s seminar in Velenje and Ljubljana with Wilko Vriesman 5 Dan was a huge success, to say the least. We achieved a new record number of 63 participants, ranging from beginners to the highest levels. But Wilko was fully up to the challenge. He masterfully led the seminar so that everyone participating got the maximum benefit out of it. Wilko has set a new standard for the next big seminar in Slovenia with Yukimitsu Kobayashi Hombu Dojo Shihan 6 Dan on 19 March 2008.

Thank you, Wilko Sensei!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wilko Vriesman seminar coming soon!

We hope you all know already about this weekend’s seminar in Velenje and Ljubljana with Wilko Vriesman 5 Dan. Everybody should come, even beginners – your participation is very, very welcome. And of course participation at Aikido seminars, just like regular training, is the key to making progress. This seminar will give you wings – no Redbull necessary!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Successful seminar

Aikido seminar 11.11.2007
There were 38 participants at the national Aikikai seminar in Ljubljana, which is very encouraging for Wilko’s upcoming seminar. Only a few regular participants were missing. Of course, the overall number could have been even higher, as will hopefully be the case when Wilko comes. Special mention goes to the eight participants from Velenje, who traveled the farthest to get here. Since Wilko will be in Velenje on Friday, we hope for a good turnout. Once again we invite everyone who’s not from Velenje to come if you can – you won’t be disappointed. And we certainly expect the tatamis to be crowded on Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer school with Wilko Vriesman Sensei

Photos from the event
The Aikido Summer School, led by Wilko Vriesman Sensei and organized by Slovenian Aikikai, took place in Ljubljana on August 23-26.

Four days of intense training were attended by over 40 aikidokas from Slovenia and abroad. The growing interest in this teaching methodology attracted practitioners from two Austrian Dojos, Meiyukai (Vienna) and Kimusubi (Villach-Klagenfurt).

Following their successful examinations, Aleksandr Starovojtov and Dejan and Jasmin Bišćević have brought three Nidan grades to the Federation. Tadej Pačnik's hakama, earned after the nikkyu test, will adorn Dokiai Dojo.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Seminar with Michal Baňas in Ljubljana

Photos from the seminar

Thirty participants from Slovenian Aikikai, the Czech Republic and Slovakia enjoyed a seminar with Michal Baňas from Prague. This was the Federation's first seminar with Michal, who has been practicing Aikido for 17 years and teaching in his own Dojo for over 10 years. He was also the first Aikido teacher of Aleksandr Starovojtov and Staša Pisek.

During the seminar we practiced building trust between uke and tori. The training was both beginner-friendly and challenging to advanced students.

More guests from EU countries will be joining us at the Ljubljana Summer School on August 23-26.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Slovenan Aikikai discussion group

We are happy to introduce an Internet community where we can share our thoughts and experiences regarding Aikido.

This discussion group is a good opportunity for Slovenian Aikikai members to communicate and network, gain knowledge about Aikido and the Federation, and help one another make progress as Aikido practitioners and as human beings.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

New Slovenian Aikikai dojo in Velenje

Velenje Dojo
Slovenian Aikikai - as represented by its main trainer, Jasmin Biščevič - has started a new dojo in Velenje.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Seminar with Wilko Vriesman in Ljubljana

Aikido Seminar by Wilko Vriesman Sensei, April 2007 Ljubljana
For the 7th time already, Wilko Vriesman Sensei came to Ljubljana to give a seminar - this time with an assistant, Tom Dijkman 4 Dan.

Over 50 members of our federation enjoyed three days of intensive training. There was an examination at the end of the seminar, and Arsen Miloševič, Denis Zadnikar, Matjaž Žalig and Veljko Novakovič passed their 1st Kyu exam. Congratulations!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Prague seminar with Wilko Vriesman Sensei

A six-member delegation from Slovenian Aikikai went to Prague to attend a seminar led by Wilko Vriesman Sensei.

The last time we traveled to Prague was in November 2005. Our friends and colleagues from the Czech Aikido Federation recognized significant development in the Slovenian group. This was a great practice session.

More photos from Prague

Monday, February 19, 2007

Workshop in Jesenice High School

A delegation from Slovenian Aikikai presented Aikido to 4 classes (over 100 pupils) at Jesenice High School. During a workshop lasting 4 classroom hours, we explained the principles of Aikido and practiced some basic techniques.

Most of the participants were excited about the ideas behind the techniques, and showed great respect for the president and main trainer of Slovenian Aikikai.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter school in Amsterdam

For the fifth time already, members of Slovenian Aikikai attended the traditional winter school at Vriesman Dojo in Amsterdam. This year ten of us practiced for five days with over 70 Aikidokas from Dutch and Belgian Aikikai.

In the photo: the Slovenian Aikikai delegation with Wilko Vriesman Sensei

More photos here