Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doshu 2009 Netherlands

Delegation of 8 from the Slovenian Aikikai Federation attended Japan-Netherlands Aikido Relationship Seminar - Celebration of Aikido’s New Stage as NOC*NSF member.

In 2009 Aikido is receiving the official recognition of the Dutch Olympic Committee. This is to illustrate how this Japanese form of martial art has been accepted by the Dutch population and became part of our cultural activities. To mark this moment, the memorial seminar and Embukai will be conducted by Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. This unique event also symbolizes the unification of the Aikikai organizations in the Netherlards.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

International seminar and yudansha grading

Traditional October seminar organized by the Slovenian Aikikai and led by Wilko Vriesman Sensei was attended by over 70 aikidokas. We learned more about the budo and technical aspects of Aikido and how this knowledge could be integrated in both teaching and learning process.

Then there was dan grading where Aleksandr Starovojtov and Dejan Bišćević were promoted to sandan. Peter Fistrovič - to shodan.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Milestone International Summer School in Netherlands

18 aikidokas from Slovenian Aikikai joined annual summer school in Markelo, Netherlanfds. This aikido camp was special because of the Japanese guest teacher Shiahan Hiroshi Ikeda who was sharing tatami with Wilko Vriesman. This is an undoubtable recognition of our Sensei.

This summer school was also longer than usual and tried 9 days or 40 hours of training under supervision of world class teachers with aikidokas from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia and Algeria

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slovenian Aikikai delegation at the Ministry of Sport and Education

The Slovenian Minister of Sport and Education received Hombu Dojo Shihan Yukimitsu Kobayashi and a delegation from the Slovenian Aikikai Federation.

Minister Igor Lukšič stated his intention to support the official recognition of Aikido as a branch of sport and the Slovenian Aikikai Federation as the umbrella organization for Slovenian Aikido clubs.

Slovenian Aikikai delegation at the Japanese embassy in Ljubljana

His Excellency Shigeharu Murayama, Ambassador of Japan to Slovenia, received a delegation of the Slovenian Aikikai Federation and Hombu Dojo Shihan Yukimitsu Kobayashi during the latter's visit to Ljubljana.

Mr. Murayama stated his intention to provide cultural, media and organizational support of the Slovenian Aikikai Federation, as the umbrella organization for Slovenian Aikido clubs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aikido seminar by Hombu Dojo Shihan in Ljubljana, Slovenia

On March 17, a key event for the Slovenian Aikikai Federation took place - an Aikido seminar led by Hombu Dojo Shihan Yukimitsu Kobayashi and the Federation's technical director, Wilko Vriesman Sensei. This is the second time that Aikikai Hombu Dojo, the Aikido world headquarters, has sent its representative to Slovenia, marking an important step towards official recognition.
The seminar, which was held at the Triglav Sports Hall, was attended by almost 100 participants from the Slovenian Aikikai Federation and other Aikido clubs in Slovenia and abroad.

The event was covered by the national sports media, including this photo report on Sportal.